Suri Alpaca Farm in Minnesota

Bluff Breeze Farm – Minnesota’s Premier Suri Alpaca Breeder

Celebrating 20 years raising Suri alpacas!

Prized and cultivated by human beings for thousands of years, Alpacas have long been coveted for their versatile fleece.  A softer and finer alternative to traditional sheep’s wool, Alpaca fiber is favored by the textile industry due to its non-irritating texture and lack of lanolin, making it both hypoallergenic and more comfortable than traditional wool, without sacrificing warmth or durability.  Suri Alpaca fiber is especially rare as Suris comprise only 18.5% of the American Alpaca population and less than 1% of the global population.  The slick and lustrous handle of Suri fiber is sought by designers throughout the world.

Visit Bluff Breeze Farm and discover for yourself, the luster, strength, warmth and softness of Alpaca cloth and yarn celebrated by South American countries for centuries.

Continue exploring our site for more information about the Ancient, Exotic, and Exquisite Suri Alpaca, benefits of their fiber, our breeding practices and farm management, Suri Alpacas for sale, or contact us to arrange a private tour of our facilities.  Check back often for upcoming events and educational opportunities!